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Moby Media was founded by S.M. Arthur (a.k.a. Shirley M. Arthur; a.k.a. Morgan Arthur) and is dedicated to publishing novels (mostly of the mystery, suspense, and historical variety) and teen non-fiction.


Why the diverse subjects, you ask? 


Shirley has written a couple of books for teenagers: Surviving Teen Pregnancy (Morning Glory Press) and How to Be and Amazing Teen Mom (Lifestar Publishing). She has great interest in pregnant teens and helping teen moms because she was one and is the mother of two grown and accomplished and beautiful daughters (both having survived the shenanigans of a young mother).


The mysteries--ahhh-who doesn't love a mystery? Shirley loves to incorporate her interests into her writing; environmental issues, historical issues (particularly her home state of Colorado), women's issues, and teen issues.


Why "Moby Media?" I'm glad you asked because it gives Shirley a chance to talk about the late Moby Dog, who was a brilliant companion to her for almost 17 years. Moby Dog was a gift from her eldest daughter (who was reading Moby Dick in school at the time).


Here is what Shirley learned from Moby Dog:

  • To act bigger than she is.

  • To open up her heart.

  • To let another being into her life.

  • That with responsibility comes love—and vice versa.

  • To be persistent about what she wants.

  • To be protective.

  • To love completely.

  • That if she doesn't think she's a dog—she doesn't have to be a dog.

  • Not to care so much what others think of her.

  • That she's only human.

  • That if she knows there’s steak in the fridge, don’t settle for chicken nuggets.

  • To hang in there even if she's blind and disabled.

  • That different people can give her different kinds of love.

Shirley M. Arthur has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Master's Degree in English from the University of Colorado. These two degrees both helped and hindered her throughout a long career with a large and to-remain-nameless corporation. Througout her career, Shirley learned how to program computers, how to type extremely well, how to get along with all kinds of people, AND that she really wanted to be a writer. Oh, and she met her talented and ultra-supportive husband while there and became 1/2 of a successful marriage.


So, welcome and feel free to browse around. 

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